The Importance of Safety meetings. At Spectrum Interiors of South Carolina our superintendents hold Weekly safety meetings called “Tool Box Talks”.

Every tool box talk is based on safety procedures and training relevant to their job-site.

Why do we hold these meetings?

Accidents result from unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. For a variety of reasons, unsafe acts typically account for 90% of all accidents, according to experts. Our goal is to create preventative measures against unsafe acts by educating employees on how they can do their job as safely as possible for themselves and everyone working around them.

Spectrum Interiors of SC feels that these “Tool Box Talks” are an opportunity for management to communicate to employee’s good safety practice and is also a requirement made by OSHA. Meetings also allow employees an opportunity to relay safety health concerns or improvement ideas to their supervisors. We encourage participation and ideas conveyed during these meetings that very well might save your co-worker’s life or even your own!